Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most Popular Bespoke Software Questions


Answer:Custom, also known as bespoke, software is tailor made for your business. Our software solution is developed around how your business runs. We will build streamlined processes that follow your workflows, improving efficiency and increasing accuracy.

Answer:Ready-made (off-the-shelf) software may have some of the tools you need but usually contains other tools that would be of no use to you. These tools are added, so the software appeals to a broader audience, but generally results in making the software complicated to use. Fully bespoke software will only include the tools your business needs and won’t have any bloatware thus making it easy to find and interact with the features you need. Check out our “Custom vs. Off the shelf” page for a more detailed comparison.

Answer:In the short term yes, however in the long term the monthly licence fees you pay, per user, for off-the-shelf software very quickly accumulate and often end up costing you more. We have a written a long blog post which explains this fully.

Answer:We have developers with expert knowledge in multiple platforms, from a cloud-based web portal to tablet and smartphone apps running on Android or iOS. We have a wide portfolio of successful software applications that we have developed that span all types of platforms, including desktop programs that run on your Windows PC. Our Flight Plastics case study demonstrates a variety of platforms. To find out more click here.

Answer:Determining your requirements for custom software is easier than you think. We have created a handy Starter Guide to help you investigate your goals for your software and contains suggestions on how to find out what is required.

Answer:No. We run all our development services in the UK and largely from our Peterborough Head Office, which houses most of our full-time development and creative teams. Having our development team in-house ensures we can monitor quality and that client requirements and changes can be communicated accurately to our developers.

Answer:We’ve refined our working process over many years, we sit down with you to explore what your business requires and when it needs to be delivered. Regular updates help keep you in control of your bespoke software project and are provided in the form of emails, screenshots, videos and invitations to attend office or online demonstrations. For more details about our five-stage process click here.

Answer:You will have a dedicated project manager who will be your first point of contact from start to finish. Your project manager will act as the intermediate between you and your developers ensuring that the final product fits your exact specifications.

Answer:We draft an agreement that allows you to own 100% of the application once the final release has been handed over. As the Intellectual Property rights belong to you, we will provide you with the source code in case you wish to maintain the project yourself. However, all our clients so far have come back to us when they required new features, and many have taken up one of our support packages.

Answer:Absolutely! We run a software consultancy service where we can analyse your current project and advise on what can be done to resolve the situation. We are happy to take over your current project or simply advise your current developers.