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Five Stages to Develop a Successful Bespoke Software System


Overview of our Five Stage Development Process

Many of our clients ask "How does the development process work?". Through years of experience, we've identified five key stages in how to deliver the best possible bespoke software system to you.

Stage 1


In the first instance we will visit your site for a no obligation consultation to discuss your new project. Our consultant will get to know you and your business, your project goals, and what specific needs you have. Armed with these details we will begin to form the basic vision of how your project should be put together, and we can probably give you an idea of the cost too.

Stage 2


Now that we have a grasp of your business and general requirements for the project, it's time to get into the detail, so our consultant will begin to write a specification for your project. Through a series of workshops, meetings and brainstorms, we will create a 'System Requirements Specification' (SRS) which is a document that describes the general features of a software system. Included within the SRS, your consultant will produce visual wireframes (also known as mock-ups) which show how the system will 'look and feel'. This document is vital as this will be the blueprint for how we develop your system.



With the specification agreed by you and us, our development team will begin to bring your project to life. Our teams follow an Agile software development approach, which enables us to deliver a more flexible system that better meets your priorities. During this stage your project manager will provide you with regular updates, and you will be invited to demo the system at certain intervals to see how we're progressing.

Stage 4


Nobody wants their shiny new system to fail at the first hurdle, which is why testing is so fundamental to good software, and happy customers. During the development process our team will build in automated tests to ensure the code is doing exactly what it’s meant to do. At this stage both our Quality Assurance team, and your key staff members will test the system to ensure that it does everything you need it to.

Stage 5


Now that everything is in place it’s time to turn the system on! Most new systems have some teething issues, but we’ll be there the whole way to ensure you have a smooth transition to your new system. Your project manager will be on hand to guide you through a seamless transition, and insure all staff are fully trained on the new system.

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