Where to Start?

Research and Decide what your New Software System Needs to Achieve


Start Here

Once you know what your software needs to achieve, it is time to sit down and write a feature list with a priority order.

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Alternatively, if you're interested in what is involved in creating a bespoke software solution check out our 5 development stages.


Writing a Feature List

Here are a few questions to help organize your thoughts.


Need more help with starting to identify features for your new software system head over to our starter guide.

What are the basic requirements for your core system? For example, storing customer and/or client information.

What are the essential features you require on top of your core system? This could be the ability to monitor orders or be alerted when something is overdue.

What features would provide the quickest return on your investment? For example, could automating the creation and sending of invoices save staff time and reduce your wage bill?

What features would be nice, but produce a poor ROI? Enabling customers the ability to conveniently track deliveries through a mobile application may be ideal for them, but if they hardly ever phone the office for this information, it probably would not be cost-effective.

What features may be required in the future? Thinking about this now will help ensure that the software you decide to purchase or have built today will allow for future features to be seamlessly integrated.

Identify each aspect of your current software and rate how it performs for your business. What parts run well, adequately or poorly. Are all business tasks being covered by your software or are staff manually processing various aspects, if so what are these?