TotalRen Solutions are Hiring!

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What we're looking for

TotalRen Solutions is looking for a new software developer to join our growing team in the Peterborough office. Based in Lynch Wood, we provide bespoke software solutions to a wide variety of clients. With nearly ten years of experience, you will be joining a team that is always looking to prove itself, bettering previous achievements and outdoing past solutions.

Benefits of Working for TotalRen

  • Small team where your input counts
  • Flexible working hours
  • Highly independent working
  • Pension scheme
  • Free snacks and drinks

Our track record has seen delivering robust solutions using a .NET stack: the latest version of C# coupled with mature, well known frameworks. We produce desktop applications with WinForms and WPF, web applications with ASP.NET MVC and web APIs with ASP.NET WebAPI and ASP .NET Core. We build mobile applications with Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native and Kotlin native.

All of our developers are full stack and we would be requiring someone with the knowledge to take code from the backend to the frontend, including database migrations, backend programming and front end design. All these skills can be improved (or acquired) while collaborating with a team of programmers.


Our ideal candidate should possess experience or knowledge of:

  • C# (other .NET languages are fine, but our primary focus is C#) and .NET Framework and/or .NET Core
  • One or all of: ASP.NET/WPF/WinForms/Xamarin
  • Applying architectural patterns such as MVVM for WPF or MVC for ASP.NET sites
  • Dependency injection and utilising IoC containers to achieve this, preferably Autofac or Ninject

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