Risk Management Portal in the Cloud

Case Study - Workplace Risk Management (WRM)


Our Client - Workplace Risk Management (WRM)

WRM provides a tailored service for each of their business customers to ensure that they are always compliant with current health and safety workplace laws. Offering expert Health and Safety advice WRM set up a plan of action for each of their customers, with ongoing support to ensure that their customers are up-to-date with all aspects of their health and safety obligations.
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WRM approached us looking for a management system that could be used as a central location whereby their customers and staff would be able to login and view relevant information.

They required that the customer would be able to interact in various ways with the system, run reports, view past data, and complete relevant documents. Whilst office staff would use the system to support customers and ensure that customers were always provided with the latest health and safety information and documentation.

At the time, WRM had no electronic system in place, other than “Alpha Tracker” which they deemed was no longer fit for their purpose.

What we Delivered

Easy access and intuitive navigation were very important to WRM, so we built a customer relationship manager as well as a document management system within a web portal. WRM's new system could be accessed anywhere by both staff and customers, as long as they used an internet enabled device and had internet access. It also eliminated the need to install software on each user's device. Which would have been a nightmare for WRM with their many customers and sites.

For security, staff and customers are required to login to the web portal and restricted access was achieved through a fine-grained permissions system. Once logged in staff and customers found that the tabbed dashboard for each customer and site, made it easy to navigate quickly to the information they required.

As well as the ability to manage customers and their data, staff could instantly provide customers with the latest information and documents, by just uploading them to the portal. For monitoring and tracking, we created a reporting section giving users the ability to view each report on-screen or download it in PDF or Excel format.


The Results

After release, office staff productivity increased as they were able to find and update customer information much faster, due to an array of search functions and filtering. The necessity to send customers new updates and documents was cut to a minimum as the document system took care of this.

The central storage that could be accessed by both sides, meant that staff and customers always had access to the latest information. Due to this, customers were more confident as they could rest assured that their data was safe, current and always to hand.

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