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Case Study - Response EPR Ltd


Our Client - Response EPR Limited

Response EPR work closely with insurance companies (their clients) ensuring that all the customers of the insurance companies, get their urgent repairs dealt with quickly and professionally. The insurance companies rely on EPR to make emergency repairs within crucial timeframes, to ensure no customers are left without essential services such as gas, water and electricity.


EPR take their work very seriously and pride themselves on meeting tight deadlines and keeping within the required timescales. In order to achieve this, they need to be on top of their work 24/7 and require the latest job updates, as soon as they are available.
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Managing the allocation of emergency repairs, takes communication and planning. As time is of the essence, EPR wanted to give clients the ability to immediately action a repair and access the latest status of ongoing jobs. Monitoring the whole workflow for a job, including making and tracking customer appointments; ensuring technicians are on time and complete their work; providing clients with regular updates and required documents; needed to be streamlined so that office staff could manage the day’s workload successfully.

The owner of EPR first approached us as he wanted a custom software system that could perform all the above. By the time he spoke to us, he already had the core of a software system built by an independent software developer. After completion and payment of the core system, our client discovered that he did not own the intellectual property rights (IP) and that the developer was licensing it to others. Not wanting to continue to pay for a system he did not own, EPR’s owner came to us and we assured him that the IP for any custom software we developed for his company would belong to him.

What we Delivered

The ideal solution was a web portal for EPR which would allow their clients to add jobs, that would be instantly available for EPR’s staff, so they could immediately contact the customer to book an appointment. To ensure that new jobs added by clients were never overlooked, alerts by text and email were built into the system.

To ensure that users only see the information they are allowed to, a permission system was implemented that gives different views of the system and data to different user types, such as office staff, clients and subcontractors. The office staff permissions were further refined, giving management overall access and staff, to only the areas they needed to see.

Once all the details are entered into the system and the job has reached the end of all appointments, the system where required will generate documents and make them instantly available to the client. Invoices and quotes can also be generated and in specific scenarios are sent automatically.


The Results

EPR benefitted immediately after release from the ability to easily track their jobs and the current status of them. A quick look at the home screen gave them a full overview of all jobs and the filtering system allowed them to easily see the information they required at any given moment.

Staff time was saved due to no longer having to create documents, send multiple text message plus emails and answering or making calls to provide valuable client updates. However, one of the biggest wins for EPR was that the whole system, streamlined the workflows to ensure that work was completed and invoiced on time.

Clients were happy with being able to add jobs instantly, without having to phone or send an email. Instant access to updates and the ability to download required documentation at anytime, was also a huge bonus for them.

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